Don’t we wish if we could plan and enjoy a perfect, healthy, balanced diet on a regular basis? However, we all know how unfeasible it can be to keep up a perfect meal pattern, as we get caught up between the chores of work, life, and family.

At puffpastryetc, we have a rich 30-year passion and experience in cooking tasty food. Now, we’ve are introducing Chimneyfresh where you can get authentic Kerala and international food. Choose whatever you want to eat and drink online and head to the checkout.

Its our mandate at Chimney Fresh to offer you a “kitchen away from home” experience, where we choose quality local products (whenever possible), cook carefully, preserve the nutritious values of ingredients, utilize the benefits of herbs and spices, and support you with your learning needs around diet and meal planning. As a team of professionals who believe in the ‘universality of cooking’, we have catered our delicacies in such a way that every nationality and age group may find it palatable. We facilitate your dietary needs at your convenience—lunch trays, weekly trays, dine in, take out, catering, diet counselling, healthy juices, desserts—all that you had wished for is right at your reach!!…

Don’t hesitate to schedule a free cooking demonstration to watch the ‘umami’ created at our chef’s table…!! Now, once again, you may awaken your taste buds to your nostalgic flavors at Chimney Fresh and may call it a true “kitchen away from home”.